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“There is no Way to Peace, Peace is the Way” M. Gandhi

The 7th Greenwave Festival will talk about peace, celebrate peace and claim peace.

With the end of the Cold War, the expectation for world peace was subdued in the most tragic way. Conflicts that accompanied the creation of new state entities resulting from the dissolution of the eastern federations, military interventions of the West in Iraq and Afghanistan, continuing tension in Palestine, ethnic cleansing and bloody war in Yugoslavia, permanent outbreaks of war and atrocities in Africa and the tragic civil war in Syria raging for the seventh consecutive year. At the same time, we have the rise of demolishing and extremist forces and the assumption of power – in the former superpowers – by more and more warlike, reactionary and unpredictable leaders.

The effort of the West to control energy sources in the Middle East and other minerals in Africa leads to interventions, support of undemocratic regimes, resurgence of fundamentalist ideologies and war. And at the same time, there are leaders and citizens who deny solidarity to the refugees of war.

Military images, as an integral part of our everyday life, remind us how much the idea of peace is being crushed more and more under the weight of conflicts, geopolitical and economic interests, the exhaustion of natural resources and the destructive exploitation of ecosystems, the armament (nuclear and conventional) competition, militarism, racism and nationalism, the rise of neonazism and the escalation of terrorism. This, combined with the global economic crisis, makes the political premise of peace more relevant than ever, 50 years after the peak of the world peace movement.

We must reunite with the principles and values of those movements whose main political objective was peace, the movement for global disarmament, non-violence, political disobedience, conscientious objection, and the articulation of a new political speech, joining our voices with the millions of our fellow human beings who desire and pursue the self-evident: respect for the value of human life. Legally, the move towards this goal requires ensuring clear conditions so that we can talk about meaningful peace and not a state of non-war.

Because our peace can not exist without real democracy
It is not built without social justice

It does not flourish without solidarity

It does not prosper without equality

It does not last without co-operation

It does not thrive without respect for individual freedoms and human rights

It does not take root without caring for the planet that hosts us


14/15/16/17 SEPTEMBER







THURSDAY, September 15
“Children’s lives in the refugee camps”
Refugees talk about the problems and needs of the children in the refugee camps and express their requests.
Coordination: Shadi Zaraa, refugee from Syria
Organising: Greenwave Festival, Antigone
Language: Arabic, English

“LGBTQI– the other refugees”

Speech – Discussion about the LGBTQI refugees who left their country of origin due to persecutions, life threats, and the violence they suffer because of their identity and their sexual orientation.
Coordination: Anna Apergi, TSA Regional Secretary
Stavros Bufidis, Psychiatrist, TSA Responsible for Health Issues
Tasos Zarifis, TSA member,
Nitasha Jani, Trans woman refugee from Pakistan
Αdrea Perez, Spanish activist
Aikaterini Georgiadou, Lawyer
Organising: Transgender Support Association (TSA).

“Refugees to Refugees (R2R) solidarity Call Center- Cooperative call center from refugees to refugees”
A cooperative project of solidarity from refugees to refugees
FairCoop of Thessaloniki is a local cooperative, part of a global cooperative movement with open assemblies, aiming to the creation of tools for the development of a parallel, alternative, cooperative economy against the destructive results of the capitalistic system. A project developed in Thessaloniki will be presented: the cooperative call center from refugees to refugees.
Language: Arabic, English

FRIDAY, September 16

“Alternative Education – child centred”
The intercultural aspect of the Greek education, Mavrommatis Giorgos, Assistant Professor, University of Alexandroupoli
School of Nature, Aggelos Patsias, Teacher
Summerhill – The 1st children’s democracy in the modern western world
Nana Hatzi, English teacher, Former member of Summerhill’s staff, representative in Greece
The example of mobile school in Greece, Thodoris Kazakis, Psychologist, PRAKSIS
Democratic education in school community, Schools for change, Athanasia Telliou, Political Scientist, ANTIGONE
Coordination: Giorgos Bilionis, Biology Dr.
Organising: Greenwave Festival

Ecological book day – Book presentations
Felix Salten, “Bambi, a life in the woods”, Giota Galazoula
Murray Bookchin, “The ecology of freedom”, Stavros Karageorgakis
Giorgos Kolebas, “Modern communalism”, Giorgos Kolebas
Giorgos Sbokos, “The invention of sustainability”, Giorgos Sbokos
Coordination: Alekos Georgopoulos, Professor, AUTh
Organising: Ecological Movement of Thessaloniki

SATURDAY, September 17

“The children in Greece of 2016”
Educational integration of refugee children, Giorgos Aggelopoulos, Assistant Professor, AUTh
Children of migrants: citizenship issues, Sebene Eshete, Generation 2.0 Responsible for issues concerning children and young people with migrant origins.
The psychological effects of displacement, exclusion and poverty on children, Antigone Simeonidou, Psychologist MSc/Psychotherapist, Prenatal Psychologist in the process of accreditation, MS of Social and Cognitive Psychology
Experiences of intercultural intervention, Chrysa Logotheti, Philologist, Νarrator
Αnasa Cultural Center
The so-called refugee’s crisis-Children refugees, Efi Gelastopoulou, Social Worker, Greek Council for Refugees
Interventions: Ecological Movement of Thessaloniki, PRAKSIS, Antigone, Hellenic League for Human Rights, SYMBIOSIS
Coordination: Αgeliki Gavriella Sampsonidou, Journalist, Sociologist specialized on vulnerable social groups
Co-organising: Greenwave Festival, Select Respect Network

“Living Responsibly – raising vegan children”
Kostis Tsarpalis (BA MB BChir MA MSc Msc PhD), Cardiologist.
Anastasia Pseiridis (ΒΑ MPhil PhD), Assistant Professor of Economics, Panteion University
Co-organising: Ecological Movement of Thessaloniki, Vegan Thessaloniki

“The social aspect of ecology”
Ecological organisations from all the country will present their social and antiracist action
Aristidis Papadakis, Ecological Intervention of Iraklio
Giannis Paraskevopoulos, Ecological Network – Athens
Michalis Tremopoulos, Ecological Movement of Thessaloniki
Coordination: Odysseas Hilitidis, Teacher, member of the Administrative Council of the Ecological Movement of Thessaloniki
Organising: Greenwave Festival

Sunday 18/9
“Birth choices and the role of the midwife”
Eirini Athina Avramidou and Pashalina Kampouridou – independent midwives
Organising: Midwives


Thursday, September 15

18:30 – 20:30

ΚΟPΕRΤΙ intercultural games

Children’s workshops

Reiki for children

Knitting with our fingers
Knitting with our fingers, old and new fairytale’s narration and interactive games, memory and concentration games, alternated with surprises
Children 8+
Duration 2 hours

Friday, September 16


18:30 – 20:30
Kids and nature – Group games and activities of physical exercise and ecological education for children 5-10 years old
Central Stage
Pantomime Performance
Giorgos Floros

Shadow play Karagiozis
Xiradakis Konstantinos
“The statement”, description – presentation of the Karagiozis figures in a comic way

Mandala drawing for children
Drawing technique on paper

Build, play and learn with Maths
Short description:
Working in group we create a 3D fractal tetrahedron and we let it speak about our school’s material
Adolescents 13-18 years old,
Workshop duration: 2 hours

Saturday, September 17


11:00 – 13:30 Club 1899 – Sport activities, sports’ presentations from “Iraklis” Gymnastic Club of Thessaloniki academies

11:30 – 12:30 MONSTER FAMILY – All different all equal
12:30 – 13:30 Poupoulo – Experiential workshops for children

18:30 – 20:30
Kids and nature – Group games and activities of physical exercise and ecological education for children 5-10 years old

Central Stage

19:00 Dromocosmicas
20:00 Shadow play Karagiozis
Xiradakis Konstantinos
“Karagiozis secretary”
20.30 Metamorphosis – The Magic Garden
Legends – Fairytales – Poems tied in a rhapsody where everything changes view in one moment.
Narrative performance with Marina Hatzikiriakou and “Dum Spiro Logia Sperno”

hank drum: Workshop about the making process and how to play a metal musical instrument made of recycled material,
Alexiou Antigone- Karapet Botzikian

We make small wooden Catapults

Sunday 11:00-14.00
Activities for children by several organizations
Central Alley
”Rights of the world” workshop for children’s rights, ANTIGONE
Action for the wild life – Environmental game and release of birds
Workshop Without Borders Making a theatrical puppet
Management Sector of Axiou – Loudias – Aliakmonas Delta – Constructions and handicrafts, subject: birds and animals

PRAKSIS – mobile school
Management Sector of Koronia and Volvi Lakes – Drawing and handicrafts with environmental subjects.

You in Europe
Children play…the traditional way – Young and older fresh our memory by playing traditional neighborhood-games such as abariza, hide and seek, chase, hopscotch, statuettes.

USB – Our organisation with volunteers from many European countries will create a set of interactive games about togetherness, equal rights, foreigner languages.
11:00 – 12:00 – Kids and nature – environmental games
12:00 – 13:30 Club 1899 – Sport activities, sports’ presentations from “Iraklis” Gymnastic Club of Thessaloniki academies


Thursday, September 15

Seminar on handmade paper (paper pulp, mesh, pressing, drying of paper)

Presentation-information of the Hippokratia and Pythagorean nutrition

Knitting in groups and individually
We knit mobile cases and all together we knit tablet cases while listening to viral narrations!
Adolescents 12+
Duration: 2 hours

Friday, September 16

Carpentry workshop for young and older
Claudio Mondin, Carpenter

Engraving in polystyrene and printing
Children 5-105 years old
Duration: 2 hours

Saturday, September 17

Effective studying (Presentation of the workshop)
Adolescents 12 +
Duration: 1 hour

Familiarization with cultivation and production of food activity for children.

Friday and Saturday 18.00-22.00
Rapid Test


Thursday, September 15
1. Crustophono
2. Mirror Tuners
3. De Facto
4. Ludias
Friday, September 16
1. bb5 percussion system
2. Lostre Community
3. Soul Fire
Saturday, September 17
1. Crusi
2. At Last
3. Super Stereo

Sunday, September 18
11:30 Solar Ride
On Sunday, September 18, during the 6th Greenwave Festival we bike all together in the streets of Thessaloniki in order to promote a driven message about the climate. For one more year, Greenpeace organizes the Solar Ride, a bike ride dedicated to the most unlimited resource of nature: solar energy!
Starting point: Greenwave Festival

During Greenwave Festival 2016 school supplies and writing materials will be collected for children in need.


It is an alternative “green” celebration which is organized by the Ecological Movement of Thessaloniki every year since 2011, in cooperation to other organizations and networks. It is materialized thanks to the valuable contribution of citizens who give away their voluntary action, free time and energy towards planning, setting about and taking care of every single detail about all kind of issues during that event

GreenWave targets the meeting of people, the exchange of their opinions and the cooperation prospects among the ones who are interested in alternative ways of solving social problems in accordance to environmental protection and social solidarity as well as to entertain, to amuse and to develop the creativity of the participants. Those kind of people-every September- freely communicate and associate with each other, form cooperatives, think about solving local environmental, social or political problems and finally act accordingly


– – – – – – – – – – – – THURSDAY 09/17/2015 – – – – – – – – – – –

7.30-9.30 pm «Thessaloniki: a city of great contradictions – The struggle against fascism and neo-Nazism»

• Neo-Nazism on trial – Kostas Torpouzidis, Lawyer, Civil Action at the trial of the Golden Dawn
• From the old into the new fascism – Petros Theodoridis, Teacher-Author
• The nationalist rhetoric and its organizations – Michalis Tremopoulos, Lawyer-former MEP of Ecologists Greens
• The Jews of Thessaloniki after the Holocaust – Iosif Vaena, Pharmacist
Coordinator: Eleonora Zotou

7.30-9.30 pm «Early ecological actions in Thessaloniki in the interwar and early postwar years» – Historical and Collectors Archive of Thessaloniki of Manos Malamidis

Bazaar Workshops
5.30-6.15 pm Concentration and effective studying for children aged 10-18 years. Mind mapping, the ultimate organizational thinking tool and the tool for remembering in map form – PARAMIKRO

Finger Knitting workshop – Hadjigeorgiou (Evangeli) –Niki

6.30-7.15 pm Workshop on repair and change of use of various materials and objects – Reuse Machine Depot

Massage for headaches – Tsaknaki Stella

Dance Seminar
8.00-9.00 pm Swing jive dance seminar for beginners – Dance group Jitterbugs skg

9.30 pm

  • Kroustofono
  • Enallax
  • Vaso Vasiliadou
  • Gintiki

– – – – – – – – FRIDAY 09/18/2015 – – – – – – – – –

7.30-9.30 pm «The city’s social movements – their history and work»

• From the Federacion to May ’36 and the establishment of the working class – Dagkas Alexandros, Historian-Author
• The roots of the environmental movement – Giorgos Lieros, councillor
• The contribution of the feminist movement – Natasha Polichroniadou, member of feminist collectives
• The right to lgbt difference – Spyros Varveris, Member of the Partnership for Social Sex
• Conscientious objectors and the movement of non-violence – Thanassis Makris, conscientious objector, former Regional Councillor, East Macedonia and Thrace
Coordinator:George Blionis

7.30-9.30 pm «Climate change – The Paris Climate Change Conference»

• Giorgos Dimaras, former Syriza MP, member of Ecologists Greens
• Nikos Mantzaris, Officer for energy and climate policy of WWF
• Zoi Vrontisi, Electrical Engineer, energy/environment
• Stavros Karagiorgakis, Doctor of Philosophy, translator of the book «Toward climate Justice» by Brian Tokar
Coordinator: Dimitra Gogakou

Screening – discussion
7.30pm-9.00 pm «Dispelling myths about the vegan lifestyle»
Screening of the speech of James Wildman «101 reasons to become vegan» and then discussion with Constantinos Koutsikas, Dietician – Nutritionist, M.Sc. and members of the group Vegan Thessaloniki. The discussion is coordinated by Andreas Papazachariou.

Event – Presentation
8.00-9.00 pm «The daily life of the citizens of Thessaloniki during the military occupation, 1941-1944» – Historical and Collectors Archive of Thessaloniki of Manos Malamidis

Theatrical Happening

9.00 pm Happening on the anniversary of the murder of Pavlos Fyssas – Chrisa Gouma, Katerina Vafiadi and group of volunteers

Bazaar Workshops

5.00-6.30 pm Presentation on how to multiply effective microorganisms, the discovery of Dr. Teuro Higa – Social Cooperative Enterprise «SPIRA GIS»

6.00-7.00 pm Cooking … cosmetics – MIGDONIA Social Cooperative Enterprise.


9.30 pm Bb5 percussion system
Y. Baris Bal
The balguns

– – – – – – – – – – – – SATURDAY 09/19/2015 – – – – – – – – – – –

Activities for children
Activities for primary school children and release of recovered birds – Action for Wildlife

  • The children play… in a traditional way – You in Europe
    Young and old reminisce playing traditional neighborhood games as prisoner’s base, hide and seek, tag, hopscotch, statues.
  • Actions with the Mobile School – PRAKSIS
  • How to make macrame, workshop for kids – Stella Tsaknaki
  • Bicycle course – Prasines Diadromes, Social Cooperative Enterprise
  • Handicrafts and paintings related to the environment and the protection of avifauna (bird fauna) – KORONEIA-VOLVI LAKES MANAGEMENT BODY
  • Crafts Workshop «the cheerful corn» -ALLOSTROPOS Social Cooperative Enterprise
  • Knitting for kids – PARAMIKRO
  • Yoga for Kids – Annapurna Team
  • Creative storytelling for children from Niki (Evangeli) – Hadjigeorgiou

2.00-5.00 pm Apo prin ki apo meta
Laiki apogevmatini

7.30-9.30 pm «Social movements as a response to the crisis»

• Financial crisis, odious debt and sustainability – Dimitris Foutakis, Economist
• The solidarity initiatives in the times of crisis – Social Economy, Costas Nicolaou, Bios-coop, Movement 136
• Degrowth, Localization – Giannis Billas, Author, Teacher, Organic farmer
Coordinator: Ioulia Papadopoulou

7.30-9.30 pm «From the antiracist initiatives of 90s’ to the solidarity movement for the refugees»

• The history of the antiracist movement of Thessaloniki – Andreas Karadakis, member of the Antiracist Initiative of Thessaloniki
• Syria-Turkey-Greece … the big trip of my life – Ertuğrul Kürkçü, Turkey, MP HDP
• Recent developments in citizenship regime. New perspectives – Dimitris Papaioannou, Lawyer of PRAKSIS
• Thessaloniki’s solidarity movement for the refugees – Amir Karimi, member of the initiative Refugee Solidarity Movement Thessaloniki
Coordinator: Alekos Georgopoulos

5.00-7.00 pm «Event on Social Economy» – Network of Social Cooperative Enterprises of Central Makedonia, Centre Ergani

5.00 pm Tour by ferry next to the seafront «Changes of the city, the story of the old seafront» – Manos Malamidis. Ferry ticket 4 euros, including soft drink or coffee.

Bazaar Workshops

5.30-7.00 pm Demonstration of hand tools – demonstration of finishing with natural oils – Kasastogiannis Nicolas

Stone sculpture – Maria Stabouli


9.30 pm Krousi
Dj Ilias Kalpakas & the Jitterbugs skg dance group
Aperito the band
Lostre community
Zoao afroso and the music oxygen

 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Ballot boxes for Solidarity – during the festival

In these elections WE VOTE FOR SOLIDARITY!

Here every person has voting rights regardless of electoral rolls, nationality, age. The social space OIKOPOLIS and the GREENWAVE FESTIVAL set their own ballot boxes for solidarity, from Thursday, September 17 until Saturday, September 19, in the park of YMCA, next to the «Theatro Kipou» (see map). We collect food, relief supplies and other equipment and actively support all our fellow human beings in need, regardless of ethnicity, religion, color and race. We invite everyone to prove that «people have the power», before and after elections!
We collect:
Long term food supplies: rusks, biscuits, water, evaporated milk, juices
Baby products: baby milk, milk bottles, creams, baby wipes, diapers
Caps – Sports shoes
Underwear – socks
Toiletries: toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, toothpastes, toothbrushes
Medical supplies: gauzes, bandages, normal salin, antihistamine ointments/creams, antiseptics, adhesive dressings for wounds, cooling sprays.

GreenWave Festival 2015 – Organized by the Ecological Movement of Thessaloniki with the support of the Heinrich Böll Foundation Greece